Nov 23 Beautiful Rooster in Snow
Hey folks,

We're close enough for my weather widget to show the weather on the day of the wedding... I've got 72 and partly sunny right now. Anyway, we're down here and it's been great, but we just thought we'd let folks know that it's not going to be hot or anything - you might consider bringing a sweater. Also, brush your teeth and make your bed.
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The wedding par-tay

It has come to my attention that other wed-sites contain feature information regarding the wedding party, and not just self-centered pictures of bride and groom. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, may I present:

Alicia Cort AKA "doodles" (brideslady): infamous in the art world for her eerily realistic cardboard "reproductions" of Harrison Ford, "doodles" will be wearing many hats during the wedding: beauty and fashion consultant, person-on-call, and guest blesser.

Beth Reddy AKA "il pinguino" (brideslady): Armed with nothing more than a hammer, a sharpie, and a pith helmet, "il pinguino" has been known to terrorize both unsuspecting trees and entire branches of anthropologic theory. At the same time. She is known among Chicago's mafia elite for her excellent table manners.

Jason Tabert AKA "snickers" (groomsman): A paragon of punctuality, except the opposite, J.R. Tabert will be bringing the "party" to our wedding party. He was entered into both the Guinness book of world records and the anti-defamation league's "most wanted list" for being the first person to simultaneously offend every race, class, gender, ethnicity, religion, and special interest group, with a single joke told in a bar. We are looking forward to making him spend time with anthropologists. Which brings us to...

Adam Sargent AKA "Durkheim's ghost" (groomsman): Another "associate" of the Chicago underground, Adam is a medical miracle, having successfully contracted every form of hepatitis, typhoid, yellow fever, and malaria during his treks through the Dark Continent. He has recently joined the wedding cascade by becoming engaged to the incomparable Megan Lagess. Planning a wedding is awesome... Everyone is doing it... join us...... BRAAAIIINNS

A (hopefully) useful map!

And yes, in case you were wondering, this is the best use of my time.

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When are you arriving?

Dear out-of-town buddies,

When are you arriving in California? Let me know!!!
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Wedding Attire

A few of you have been asking about appropriate attire for our blessed occassion. It will be an outdoor, backyard wedding with an "elegant picnic" vibe. Sundresses would be appropriate, perhaps with a wrap for later in the evening. Just don't wear really spiky heels - you might sink in the grass! The fellas don't need to be black tie - we would prefer you not wear jeans, but you guys know we are not particular. I hope this helps!
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Cheap Flights!

Dear Buddies,

Southwest is currently running a killer fare sale to California, but it ends on 3/31, so get on board! Just doing what I can to save you all your valuable nickels.
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Wedding Time Info

Hey everyone,

I've heard some folks are already booking tickets for June. Cool! I thought this might be a good time to let folks know a bit about the schedule: We're going to be kicking things off Sunday at 4pm, with dinner around 6pm, and reception to follow. Translation: We'd really encourage people not to leave until Monday so that you can stay and have fun with us until late in the evening Sunday. I know, vacation days... But come on... Do it for the gipper, woudja?
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Some Room at the Inn!

Hey dudes, dudettes, el dudarinos, etc....

We booked a bloc of beds at the Best Western in Benicia, bluuuugh. Man, I think I am so funny!

If you call and tell them you are reserving for the Cort-Levin or Levin-Cort wedding, you get a 10% discount. We booked both single and double rooms in case some of you want to bunk up. I've never been there, but it's close to the freeway and downtown. We will be attempting to arrange a shuttle from there to wedfest '09 and back.

Here is their contact info:

Best Western Heritage Inn Hotel

1955 E 2nd Street, Benicia, California, 94510


There are a couple other places in town. The Union Hotel is a shmancy place in an historic building; some of their rooms aren't too expensive, and they are right in downtown Benicia, which is pretty cute, but they won't let us reserve rooms. Is this TMI? Let me know if this is TMI.

The Union Hotel

401 1st St., Benicia, CA 94510


There is also a B&B right in downtown that I know nothing about except it is expensive:

The Inn at Benicia Bay

145 East "D" St., Benicia, CA 94510


I hope that is helpful!

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Mix Tape

I'm working on getting the musical portion of the evening sequenced. My foremost intention is to get folks on their feet, so if you've got any requests that you absolutely have to dance to, speak now or forever hold your peace. And make it a funky dancing peace. This might be a good time to note that we're hoping no one plans on getting on a flight or going to work early on Monday after the wedding...
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Let's get it sorted

Dear friends.
If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you have recently received an STD from us (who would have thought, now that we are settling down, we'd be giving people STDs? *cue laugh track*).

If you know for certain you will be unable to attend our wedding, either because of the cruel winds of fate or because you despise us, please let us know here in the comments section as soon as possible so that we can begin the grieving process.
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Hi everyone,

Elliot Levin and Amanda Cort. Welcome to the number one site for information about our wedding. As the wedding gets closer (behold, the ever advancing nature of time!) we'll be developing this page with lots of useful information. Check back often, and if you're hip to it, subscribe to the RSS feed of our blog. We'll try to be entertaining as well as informative, I promise. I also promise to eat only Promise brand butter substitute from now until June 14th, at which point I'm switching to Imperial.
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